Eye Doctor San Mateo
Eye Doctor San Mateo



“Dr. Leslie Weil was the only one to properly diagnose my problem. I loved that she took the time to do several tests and recommended a couple follow-up visits to ensure that the medication worked. Her staff was very kind and accommodating.”

Arlizza M.,
San Mateo, CA


Botox Injections, Contact Lenses, & More
Serving San Mateo, Redwood City, Belmont, & San Carlos, CA

Weil Eye Care Medical Center offers comprehensive eye exams for adults and children. We specializing in diagnosing and treating the following symptoms and conditions:

Diabetic Eye Problems
Floaters & Flashes
Retinal Detachment
Macular Degeneration
Amblyopia / Lazy Eye
Dry Eye Syndrome
Eye Infections / Inflammations
Eye Allergies

Services at our eye doctor practice include:

Eye Exams including Refraction for Eye Glasses & Contact Lenses
Pre-Lasik Evaluation & Post Operative Management
After Cataract (YAG) Laser
Laser Surgery for Glaucoma
Emergency Eye Care, with Same Day Care
Biopsy and Removal Skin Lesions around Eye



  Eye Doctor San Mateo

Eye Doctor San Mateo